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Culinary Delight

In the following you will find some basic proposals for the combination of wine and food. There is a vast amount of these combinations, so these suggestions have to be seen as general propositions.

When choosing a matching wine to a certain meal, you have two possibilities:

  • The wine shows the same character as the meal, e.g. a matching wine to a nourishing and strong roast could be a powerful red wine with a higher degree of alcohol and a good part of tannins. Flavour and aromas of the wine and the meal are in a good harmony then.

  • The wine contrasts to the character of the meal. Concerning the above example, you can also choose a fruity, light white wine with a higher degree of acidity. The result is a combination that shows a bigger variety of flavours and aromas.

It is important to drink what you like, not to drink what somebody is suggesting. Try and find out – and enjoy the countless possibilities of combining food and wine!

General matches for the typical grape varieties:

White Wine:

Light dishes of vegetables (especially asparagus), fish, veal and poultry

Light dishes, fish, salads

Light meals of pork and beef, fish, pasta, cold dishes

Asian cuisine, sweet-sour dishes, poultry, very aromatic dishes

Grauer Burgunder / Pinot Gris:
Seafood, fish, pasta

Blue cheese, pâté de foie gras, fruity desserts

Red Wine:

Pasta and pizza, game and roast

Spätburgunder / Pinot Noir:
Game, spicy pasta, tasty cheese, roasts

Robust roasts, game and cheese

Schwarzriesling / Pinot Meunier:
Hard cheese, pork, poultry

Roasts of beef and pork, game, lamb and strong cheese

Rotling / Rosé

Antipasti, barbecue, vegetables, Asian cuisine

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