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“1er-Traube”, A Successful Viticultural Concept

Since some years we create first-class wines according to a certain philosophy. On selected areas, the vines are pruned to three shoots per square-meter. After the blossom, the grapes are reduced to one per shoot in July – therefore it is called “1er-Traube”. All the power of the vine is concentrated in this one grape.

In autumn, when the time of vintage is coming, the picture of the grapes makes up for all the efforts the wine-grower had. The grapes are hanging in a golden yellow in the vineyards. And the wines we are making out of these grapes are spoiling wine-lovers with an incredible taste that is also acknowledged by experts.

For example, the 2006 Wipfelder Zehntgraf Grauer Burgunder has been awarded by an international jury as one of the ten best wines in Franconia in 2007.

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