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Our Philosophy:

Winzergemeinschaft Franken eG (GWF)

GWF is at home in the whole Franconian wine-growing region. About 2.400 wine-growers, located between the Spessart in the west and the Steigerwald in the east, the Saale-valley in the north and Tauberfranken in the south, have developed to a community since the foundation in 1959. These wine-growers are dedicated to a high standard of craftsmanship, the traditional ways of wine-making and also innovation.

The Refined Taste of Germany

We persistently stick to the philosophy that excellent wines are not made, but grow in the vineyard. And this particular special quality has to be kept until the wine is bottled – without any compromises.

The best example is the concept of the “1er-Traube”. To create these high-quality wines, the amount of grapes per root is reduced to one. So it is not astonishing that the 2006 Wipfelder Zehntgraf Grauer Burgunder “1er-Traube” has been awarded by an international jury to the best Franconian wine in its category during the “Best of Gold” wine competition 2007.

Many more awards are achieved annually during the regional, national and international wine competitions.

GWF considers itself as a representative for Franconian wines and is truly involved with nature and its home.

It is the specific soil that determines our wines.

It is the protected geographical location along the slopes of the river Main and the western hills of the Steigerwald with their mild micro-climate that result in a perfect ripeness of the grapes.

And it is the unique landscape that cannot be imagined without the Franconian wine in its typical Bocksbeutel bottle.

But the most important factor are our wine-growers in the community of the GWF. With their passion and experience, they guarantee the high quality of our Franconian wines full of character – for ambitious connoisseurs.

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